Meet Tory

      I was born and raised most of my life in the Kawarthas, brought up in  a family of hunters, fishers, and trappers. Growing up loving watching my uncles and trying to take part in all the activities that came along with their hunting. Not only watching the hunting things I spent most of my childhood fishing.  With any chance I got I would gone out the door with my fishing rod in hand. My oldest brother and I even tried a couple of side hustles catching and selling worms in my front yard. 

  After my first daughter was born we moved to the west.  In the move a large chunk of the little girl I was back then was lost.  Stilling loving the outdoors and camping but the hunter and fisherman version of myself was lost.  When we moved back to Ontario in 2015,  I re-met the love of my life and found that long-lost girl I used to be, then my second daughter was born. 

    My other half helped me back to that person I was before. He got me into hunting waterfowl which is now one of my favourite things to do. We’ve created new traditions and found new loves for the outdoors.  We went with some family and friends in 2020 and got our trapping licenses which were on my bucket list.  Then recently falling in love with bear hunting.  Spring bear hunt 2021 with my sister in law and I both harvested our first Black Bear,  I cried like a baby.  There is nothing else like it. 

  We do our best to include our girls in all the things that we do.  Whether it is hunting, fishing, camping or in one of the shops constructing something. I run a little side business making wood creations,  paintings and other things when I have spare time which is rare these days. 

 Since meeting Heritage by Nature ladies I have unleashed an adventurer inside of myself. I absolutely love a good adventure no matter the size! If you have an idea you can always count me in. And I can not wait to see what kind of adventures I get myself.