Meet Michelle

I’m the kind of gal that loves to challenge myself and try new adventures.   A former long-haul truck driver, a plumbers daughter who loves to renovate and build.  As well, as the mama of two grown boys – I find my happiest place is in the woods and nature.  
Growing up in the city never allowed me much opportunity to explore the outdoors as much as I wanted. So with every trip to my grandparent’s trailer park I made the most of it.  Catching frogs, snakes and turtles, fishing my heart out on the dock, and mucking around in my rubber boots with the warm sunshine beating down felt like the best kind of “living” in my eight-year-old mind.   
About 10 years ago I was introduced to hunting and subsequently got my PAL.   With opportunities to get out and break away from my everyday life – I’ve since embraced every second of it. Turkey, goose, bear, deer, grouse, coyote, pheasant… I’m in for all of it.  I love learning about each of these animals and how they live in nature.  I love the quiet and the reflection hunting brings.   One of my best buddies is my GSP, Jemma.  I’m also thankful for a family and partner who let me “be me” and embraces my many solo adventures and eat what I bring home!
 Sharing hunting adventures with like-minded women is an amazing experience and one I cherish.    Learning to be self-sufficient with food, whether growing it or harvesting it ethically – is something we all should be aware of.  I love that Heritage By Nature has a focus to help women break through barriers with Hunting and Fishing. 
Henry David Thoreau says it best: “ Nature spontaneously keeps us well; do not resist her”.   Looking for me?  I’ll be outside.