Meet Bev

Hi, my name is Beverly Stewart, I am 54 yrs young. I am the only one of four who took after my father and his passion for hunting. When I was younger I use to hunt groundhogs and rabbits on the farm. I remember my father going hunting but I was too young to go with him. I got my license when I was 19 but never used it. I re-done it 7 years ago after meeting my husband who re-introduced me into hunting. Harvesting my first deer in 2015 an 8 point buck which I then got mounted. I knew then that I wanted to continue and learn as much as I could about hunting. Starting from the harvesting of the animal to preparing it for the table. 

I met Toni Cooper (owner of Heritage by Nature) through a friend of mine who gave me her number. I was working at Canadian Tire then and called her up to see if she would be interested in setting up a table at one of our in-store Turkey/Fishing events to educate and hopefully interest other women and youths into hunting. Well she definetly sparked my interest. I have not only become friends with her but also have become a part of her organization. So if you are interested in becoming a hunter definetly check out her website Heritage By Nature.

Since belonging to Heritage By Nature I have gone on many hunting adventures and have met alot of amazing women. It is not only about hunting, its about learning new things. Toni introduced me to bear hunting 2 yrs ago. I’m not going to lie it was a scary experience but also enjoyed it very much. Not only was it my first time hunting bears but also first time to be in a tree stand. I am very excited and happy to say that this fall at ladies bear camp on my birthday I successfully harvested my first bear. He was 215 lbs dressed. I was so happy to be able to share this with Toni as she gave me that little push I needed to go out.

Anyways enough about me, I just have one thing left to say and that is you are never too old to learn something new, and until you give it a try how will you know whether you like it or not!