This is Alison

   I have always been drawn to nature.   As a child, I used any excuse to be outdoors for hours on end.  Exploring and creating my own adventures.  As I grew older this developed into a passion for animals, and have spent my life around them. 

   In my teens, I began spending an increasing amount of time on the Toronto music and punk scene. I began photographing bands and friends, and have had some of my photos in a few books and album covers over the years.  Photography continues to be my greatest passion. 

    After high school, I attended Sheridan College Furniture Design program.  Later I moved to Vancouver BC . For 9 years I was breeding lovebirds, raising parrots, as well as collecting all sorts of exotic amphibians reptiles, and freshwater fish. Soon I learned to blend my love of animals and my other love of photography. For years I have enjoyed searching for the perfect blend of these two. 

    I started a career working with brain-based disabilities such as Autism and FAS. I worked for close to 20 years in this field and found it amazingly rewarding. 

    After 13 years on the west coast, I finally came back to Ontario with my son Cole to start a new adventure together. It is here I met my love who made it possible at age 50 to go back to college for 3 years and train for a completely new career in Dental Technology! 

   As my happiness increased so did my interest in healthy lifestyle choices. It dominated my thinking.  I began learning how to get back to a healthier way of eating and learning so much about food and natural remedies.
    The desire to learn more about these topics has fit so perfectly in my time spent with Toni and Heritage by Nature. I have been involved in archery as well as shooting sports and now with the friendships, I have made through the ladies at HBN I continue to explore those hobbies.
I look forward to growing and learning more with this amazing team!

Be the change you want to see in the world”